Saturday, November 13, 2010

.: Insomia :.

Just don't understand why the last 30 or so pieces of a 1000 pieces jigsaw puzzle is the most difficult to complete.

Taking a break from it as I compile the background songs I wanna play for my wedding reception/dinner.

Honestly, I am so tired, but I just couldn't sleep. Perhaps a combination of stress and the recent outburst with the parental over the stupid guest list. As the clock ticks nearer to the new year, my heart is palpitating a lil harder.

There's alot that has been on my mind of late, especially after hearing news that a close friend of mine has gone for an operation recently to remove a cyst from her ovaries. The thought of life & death suddenly flashes thru my mind (tho her case is not fatal, its just that I always associate operation with death, pardon my stupid conclusion).

Anyways, went and visit her after work today and she seemed like her usual, klutzy, ditsy self - so all seems well.

I have a long day (as always) tomorrow.

Will be going to my USJ house in the morning and then to IKEA later in the evening to get some furniture to furnish my guest room & my studyroom.

And since we plan to have a simple house dedication cum GDL on the 27th this month, there isn't much time left. I still critically have my dining table and curtains outstanding, but aside from that, I can live with an empty guest room for time being.

As for Project Downhill, I seem to be in a panic attack state whenever I think of it. There's all the DIY things that have started halfway but haven't seen the end light of things. Then there are those that have yet to be decided still.


But whenever I get extremely stressed, I console myself by telling myself it's only just a wedding. It is the marriage that is more important. It does help bring down the stress level one notch, well, it's better than nothing I suppose!

A'ites. Back to my puzzles buzzles....

Til then


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