Wednesday, November 3, 2010

.: 7 Days Blog Challenge :.

I love to blog.

There is not a healthier and interesting way of expressing oneself than thru blogging

It may be about the next-coming upbeat concert, or the dress-to-die-for, or emo rants & rages, or the latest recipe you’ve tried, or even just a simple line or two bout your day.

To make my blog a lil more interesting, and taking off from the 30 Days Challenge (which, proud to say, I’ve completed all, whereas Tam & Yin dropped of halfway like flies *pats own back*), I googled and stumbled upon something.


My very own 7 days challenge

Simple rules, go to this site, pick a topic from each grade (for topic no 7, you may pick from any grade of your choice) and blog away!

It is another fun way for your blog readers (and sometimes surprise,surprise – even yourself) to know you a lil better :)

Topics I selected :

I wonder why…
What I know about the stars
Things that are hard to believe
My first school memories
A memorable buss ride
I admit it; I enjoy professional wrestling
My muscles were so sore after…

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