Saturday, May 10, 2008

.: Lesson In Life :.

My late grandpa once pointed out to me, over dinner at a Chinese restaurant in Damansara Kim....

"Look at him...." while nodding his head toward the direction of an elderly man (probably about 50), loading gas barrels onto his lorry.

"He's hard at work, but he's enjoying it.... Hear him whistling loudly and merrily....He's really enjoying his life..."

Then, he lightly shocked his head and smile.

I didn't really understand it at that moment, but few years down the road, I realised what my Grandpa was trying say.

My Grandpa is a man who had endured some much hardship even at a very young age. He knows what is it like to suffer, starve and hard work. And after enduring so much hardship, one of the life lesson you learn from that is to be thankful for the lil things that you've been blessed. My Grandpa was not a tycoon, and do not have a great success story like the founder of Genting, Lim Gohtong, has to tell. But he is equally, if not as much, blessed in every other ways.

He was always very thankful for these blessings. Instead of a mansion, he lived in a small house by the Malacca beach. Instead of a Merz, he drove a second had old Ford car. But he is thankful for that small lil house. And the old Ford car. And the children and grandchildren that he was blessed with. He never complained that he wanted more.

So now when I hear people at work whistling with the same magnitude of enthusiasm and cheerfulness of life, I thank God for having my Grandpa taught me this very simple but valuable lesson.

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