Sunday, July 15, 2007

.: What I Learned In Sunday School :.

Last Sunday, I asked permission from Aunty Janet (one of the Sunday School teacher - who also so happens to be my EE Assistant Trainer) to observe the activities held in Sunday School.

Lil did I know that I was "hired" as a Sunday School teacher.....

Well, they claimed that they are lacking of help. There's usually three teachers for three different age group (which I can't clearly distinguish the age group still as I've gotten different catergories from the different Sunday School teachers themselves) but apparently these kids can be a handful (I agree!) *wink*

Sunday School started with all the kiddos (combined) singing a song with Uncle Jeffrey (who is my EE partner) leading the way. It's so cute to see the lil kids have fun singing "Father Abraham" while shaking their hands and legs and heads and spinning around. It was more funnier though to see Jeff doing that.. *hehe*

After all the hopping and jumping around, the kids have a break @ breakfastime. David (Uncle Freddy & Aunty Irene's youngest son) offered me a piece of cake and a cup of orange juice. Gosh, he's such a sweetheart.

Later, I was helping Aunty Mandy (who happens to be my Prayer Partner - see how we are all "link" in this very small church) who's in charge of the youngest age group, while Jeff & Janet continued with their own age group classes. Since the kids in my class are still young,they were suppose to do some colouring work.Sad to say, most of them fail to finish colouring coz they really (and I mean really) have vey short attention span. But it was cute, as I was helping Joel to colour. Joshua came into class much later after that, but he had such a short attention span, he ran off to play with some toys after a few minutes of colouring.

Janessa (Uncle Jimmy & Aunty Jaime eldest daughter) did a good job by completing her artwork :)

Today was a combined class for the two lower age group with the two Sunday School teachers - Mandy and Dr Tui. We did a lil artwork and I was reminded again how artistic *cough* "artistic" I am. Anyways, I helped Janessa, Jessica (Ps Johnny & Aunty Mary's eldest daughter - who is also Janessa's cousin) & Caleb (Uncle Chek Wai & Aunty Janet's youngest son) with their artwork. It was of a lil "Earth" with a circular band of plastic (from a plastic bottle) tied together with a rafia string. When the string was tied, it's as if the earth was "spinning" around the plastic band. Kinda cool really.

Memory verse of the day was from the book of Genesis.

"God created... the Earth."

I had so much fun.

Plus Janessa called me "jie-jie". I was actually worried that my "jie-jie" status will be "upgraded" to "aunty" or something, but hey, I'm still a jie jie. *wink*wink*

And.... Janessa did say that she's going to make a card for me... *awwww*
I'm actually touched by just the thought of it......

I love lil kids. Will take pics of them and post it up so that you guys would understand why my heart just melts when I'm spending time with them...

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