Sunday, July 8, 2007

.: Dedicated To The Ones I Love :.

I miss my couz back down in Malacca....

Looking at this pictures (taken from my handphone) makes me miss them even more.....

So here it goes, a blog dedicated to ALL my cousins....

Hugz & kisses

Ben (my brother) trying to impress the fair lady (Swi Shyang) with his guitar skills - or lack of it should I say *wink*

Rach & Eric during dinner - focus on Eric's face while he forcefully tries to swallow down some very yucky vege *laughs*

Snapshot taken by JC - Me & Yin (I miss my long hair *sobs*)

Ping (jumping high in the air) with Rach & Eric in the back - having fun

Tam & Feng - taken by Tam (she's such a vain pot) in Kulai during my Uncle's bride wedding luncheon

Rach - acting cute *awwwww*

Ping & Rach & Eric - glued to the TV (as always)

Kevin (trying to look macho - key word trying)

I think this is my first blog that has more pics that sentences.

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