Friday, July 27, 2007

.: TGIF :.

It's Friday...

Who0o0o ho0o0o!

Why am I so excited?

Nopez, it's not because I have a hot date or something to that effect.....

It's because,
's because....
's because....

I can sleep late tomorrow..... Wo0o0o0o Ho0o0o0o0!

Ok, ok, not that late coz I'm reminded of my final EE class tomorrow. Which reminds me that I should bring a camera :)

I want to take pics.

And I know a blog is not a blog till it got pictures. Loads and loads of pictures. *This I learn from Ah Yin*

It's been a really hectic week. And I know it wouldn't get any less hectic. So I just have to bear with it.

Yesterday I attended a committee meeting for our Church Camp. I was pulled into this committee last minute, as they needed someone to do the costing/accounts/collection of money and who else to assist JC but me! Darn!

Nevermind, Jesse & I choose to believe that the committee need us because they could not kick off without us ladies! *wink*wink*

As the saying goes, behind every great men, there's a even greater women that made him great to begin with!

*Ok fine, so I made that up!*

Jesse is Daniel's wife (Daniel is the church's youth leader),by the way, and she's also my sponsor. I like her very very much. She's really such a nice person :)

So the meeting started at 8.30pm (not sharp needless to say - typical Malaysian)

We expected it to end by latest 9.45pm, but we only left church at about close to 11pm.

Needless to say, I slept late last night.

I'm super exhausted today, due to cummulative effect.

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