Friday, February 3, 2012

.: Retail Therapy :.

I have been feeling a bit down of late, so to cheer myself a lil, I did what most women would do when they are feeling the blues *cue for choirs of angels * RETAIL THERAPY.

Well, there is just ONE slight difference actually.

I went to BookXcess.

I picked up the shopping basket, and my mood was already slightly improved when I saw the 20% discount sign at the front of the bookshop in light of Valentine's Day! *joys* I checked out a couple of books, picked those few which I liked an dumped it into my basket. I then browse through the magazine sections which was selling really cheap magazine reprint, but nothing tickled my fancy so I quickly proceed to the other sections. I was trying really hard to refrain myself from picking up yet again another cooking book as I already have plenty of those at home. I then went to the bargain corner i.e. books under RM10 and got myself a couple more books.

I finished with my selection and headed to the payment counter. It was after passing my shopping basket to the petite cashier at the counter and digging my handbag that I realised that I have left my wallet in the office *horrors* I sheepishly apologised to the lady (thank God she hasn't scan it yet) and asked her if she could hold the books for me as I left my wallet in the car. I ran out of that place embarrassed to the bones. Thank God too, that my embarrassment was mitigated by the fact that there wasn't a que behind me.

I called my alternative ATM, aka The Husband and he said that he is on the way home and nearby. I went window shopping at the antique shop at the lower ground floor of Amcorp Mall to kill time. The Husband called and I ran across the road of the mall to get my cash! I went back up to BookXcess and paid for those books and then had dinner with The Husband in A&W just opposite the mall.

So, with my books purchased i.e. They Found Him Dead (Georgette Heyer), Playing for Pizza (John Grisham), Somebody Else's Kid (Torey Hayden), Every Dead Thing (John Connolly) and Bitter Sweets (Roopa Farooki) plus the book that I won from Esther, Animal People (Charlotte Wood) pending for my to read, I am one HAPPY CAMPER! *joys* Oh, and the fact that I get a tax deduction from today's spending of RM63.45 makes me even more happy that it is retail therapy worhtwhile spending! *double joys!*

Books! Glorious books! 


aisyah De Cullen said...

:D yay for retail therapy. I feel like hitting up the mall too

goingkookies said...

haha.. u re such an 'accountant' ;p talking abt tax deduction.. hehe...

oooh i miss book shopping too!

telling myself to finish reading what i have first.. hehe..

happy reading!

Kathlynn said...

@aisyah - yeah! yay for retail therapy! such a mood boaster for me! :)

@goingkookies - lol, at least i feel less guilty at book shopping than clothes/shoe shopping! :)

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