Tuesday, February 21, 2012

.: Mary, Mary Quite Contrary :.

So I have been planning to do something about my garden for the past one year. If you have been to my house, you would know that the only thing green (or close to green) is a small patch of Philippine grass on my small lawn. And that's it.

So I have done much research, like I usually do when I venture into new things. I have NEVER done gardening before, and the first step of attempt was to grow some thyme which I bought from the morning market nearby my place - which, sadly to say, didn't turn up to well. Slightly traumatised by the experience, I shy away from plants, until one day I told myself that this house really needs some greenery & flowers, which shall henceforth be named PROJECT SPRING.

And so I started pinning up some ideas on my Pinterest (check it out here if you like!) and reading certain Malaysia gardener's blog like Autumn Belle's MyNiceGarden & James Misser's Garden Chronicles just to name a few provide loads of information on gardening tips and they type of plants & flowers & what's not.

I was lucky to have a neighbour at my mom's place who was generous enough to donate same plants to help kickstart this gardening project - I now have planted some Periwinkles [Catharanthus roseus] (which apparently is quite a hardy plant - so if I killed it, confirm no green thumb!)

I plan to drop by Sungai Buloh this weekend to get some Blue Daze [Evolvulus] and some Wishbone [Torenia] for my window box.

Now, keeping my fingers cross that my garden will turn out well.


bridgeT said...

i now regret not making full use of the gardens i used to have. who would anyway at that age! hahahha i'm thinking of ways to make whatever garden i have nicer! and yes, herbs are such a pain to grow em.

Kathlynn said...

lol. yeah, at that age, gardening is not priority. haha. but you can still do ma at your place. got nice big balcony area. and you have planted a lot of plants there right?
I may start my herb garden again, but first I need to make sure I have green thumb first. if I can kill my periwinkle, means quite bad already! haha :)

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