Friday, February 3, 2012

.: Order Up!! To Go :.

This is one of the activities I have been up to when I back from a day's work and need to just chill and relax - Order Up!! To Go on my IPad2!

Downloaded for free (*yippie*), Order Up!! To Go is basically a game blending in both time management in the kitchen arena as well as management skill to run a restaurant empire.

For beginners, you start from the very bottom of the food chain *pun intended* as a cook in a fast food joint. Then with the money you earn from it, you cook your way up across varieties of restaurant (the more you pay the better class of restaurant you get to own*), unlocking and mastering new menus as you go on.

As a chef in your own restaurant, yu gotta make sure you flip your burger patties before they are overdone, chopping your vegetables to fine slices (don't you just hate those thick ones?), make sure you don't burn your fries and of course to customise spices for certain orders from certain customers (for extra tips!).

As you work on, you will learn to manage certain kitchen disasters that you probably need to face if you are a real-time cook! Health inspector (*gasp*), flicking filthy rat invasion from your kitchen top (*flicks*flicks*), putting out fire if you weren't careful and your food burn (*fire!!!fire!!!*) and my most stressful task - serving perfect dishes to the food critic (*arg!!!*)

This game, being as practicable as it could be in real life, teaches us that a restaurateur is not only a good cook in the kitchen. One must also learn inventory management by planning menus for the day, procuring spices needed or upgrading the restaurant with new tools and stuff.

This game is pretty addictive as compared to the other games I have downloaded and subsequently deleted from my IPad2. And JC is kinda amused at me playing this, especially when I was playing the night when I had to cook from scratch for 13 guest at my place.

"You still wanna virtually cook after spending the whole day in a real kitchen?" he asked, bemused.

Well, as you can see, it is really addictive a definitely a must have game in your IPad!

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