Monday, December 6, 2010

.: While You Were Sleeping :.

I usually sleep am a very light sleeper. The slightest noise or movement, I am immediately awake.

Yesterday, I took a nap at our USJ house, while JC went out to have dinner with his dad. I was too tired I decided to sleep dinner altogether. Lil did I know I was (literally) dead tired and slept like a log throughout.

I nearly died of a heart attack when somebody shocked and woke me up. I was momentarily disorientated and still half awake and my heart was beating 20 times faster. Thank goodness it was only JC, who was also worried as the lights in the whole house were still off.

It’s how I know that I am in serious need of quality sleep.

A few more days before D-day. Hopefully sleeping pattern will improve thereon.

Unless of course if JC is a snoorer? (*nightmare*)

If that’s the case, he’s sleeping in the guestroom!

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