Friday, December 10, 2010

.: Over & Out :.

Bridezilla was out of action from terrorizing everyone the past two days, as she was down with a bad sore throat. And even now, her voice is somewhat squeaky & squealy (almost like the sound of her brother pre-puberty).

Bridezilla is semi-recovered today, but after reading emails & looking at the list of errands to do & the problems from task delegated surfacing, Bridezilla wishes that the world just disappears as she hides under her warm, dependable comforter.

Bridezilla wants to roar & shout, but her throat does not allow her to do so.

Where are all the dependable people when you need them?

Why is Bridezilla spending all her time rectifying issues after issues that are cropping up along side with other task on her to-do list?

Why is Bridezilla NOT enjoying the supposedly most enjoyable planning process of her life?

Is there something wrong with Bridezilla?

This whole thing stresses Bridezilla out.

On a scale of one to ten, I think Bridezilla is about a level of eight point seven six two one three four nine with an occasional spike to nine.

Waiting for ten to hit Bridezilla anytime.

Well, the ONLY upside bout this whole thing is that Bridezilla is losing some kilos, but not as fast as she is losing her sanity.

Yes, this is me, pessimistic-malancholy Bridezilla signing out.



goingkookies said...

Dear current bridezilla...

I don't envy you.. in fact, I already anticipate that very insanity when i reach closer to my date... which hasn't even been fixed yet..

So true to need dependable people.. whatever it is, hang in there and before you know it, it'll be over and in a funny weird way, you just might miss all this stress out moments.

Hehe.. then again, probably not.

Yours truly,
future bridezilla

Kathlynn said...

dear soon-to-be bridezilla,

i dont understand why all BTB-ed fooled me into thinkin its an enjoyable process, when it is not. what good does it come from lying to this poor bridezilla. but anyhows, it is a moment to cherish, whether u enjoy it or not, coz it just makes u two as a couple grows stronger. and it also gives you the hard cold facts of the charc of the guy ur gonna marry.

anyways, wishin bridezilla-to-be all the best! :)


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