Thursday, December 2, 2010

.: That The Joke Was On Me :.

Dear Diary

First, my period came. Yesterday. Not that it’s a bad thing, but the timing was totally off. Last month it came on the 5th of 6th of the month. It was suppose to follow suit for this month. its suppose to be 5th or 6th NOT 1st! Which means, next month it will fall exactly on my wedding day! FML!

Second, my make-up artist (MUA) from Aspial called. Told me that she can’t do my make-up for my wedding day coz a customer just walked in and booked her. I fired her up-side-down-left-&-right. In Cantonese (thankfully, for if it was in English, more ‘voluptuous’ words would have come out). I was very very upset, for this was the second screw up with my MUA from Aspial. She calmed me down and promised to call back. Her MUA head called all the way from Penang. Conveyed my distress in Hokkien. She suggested I called this number, which is of another MUA and booked that MUA instead. I gave her an upfront NO!, and I told her I booked this MUA, hence I am getting this MUA. If anyone were to change, it would be the other customer. She finally settled it for me. Felt bad for screwing the first MUA. Bad combi of PMS & Bridezilla all into one. FML x2!

Third, I was given the impression that the restaurant I booked (Oriental Banquet) could accommodate 75 tables, but NO. Luckily my mom called up and they say they could only comfortably accommodate 60. My current no. of tables – 60. Albeit, no margin of error for extra guest. FML x3!

Murphy did a fast one on me TRICE! That’s THREE TIMES! THREE FREAKING TIMES!

Well, I do hope and pray that this is the last of the series of unfortunate events that I have to face.

Planning a wedding is NO JOKE I tell you. NO JOKE!


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