Friday, June 20, 2008

Writing To My Jie

Hi I'm a guest here. I just want to write something here because I'm a very nice sweet girl like that. =)

I wanted to call her(Kath) but 3134785seconds ago I remembered that she is at Down Under. Haih, did you went to the beach? Got buy nice Roxy flip flops or Tee for me? Buy books ahhh? Which author. Don't buy intellectual books because I cannot comprehend one. Now probably you're wondering "Why am I related to this shallow girl?". hahaha

Faster come online or comeback home. I want to talk to you. Ben was online but he didn't reply my nudges. Busy probably? Why everyone don't have time to talk to me these days? So busy meh? hmmm. Working people don't have time as much as me. Thank god I don't have to work. Amen!

Excuse me. I have to kill my braincells. I hate maths. It's like suicide. T__T.

Call me when you are back. I want to see my chocolates and gifts ... errr and you!

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