Wednesday, June 25, 2008

.: G'day Mate :.

Updating this blog at this lovely lil cottage (known as No 14) in up in Katoomba, Blue Mountains. The weather here is much colder than Sydney, but the sights here are absolutely breathtaking! I just love it here so much.

Will be splunking in one of the Jenolan Caves tomorrow morning.

Been doing sooooo much walking these past few days....

Keep you guys posted!


Day 1 : Friday

- Arrived at Sydney Airport at about 6am (local time), Uncle Kum Hung & James picked us up.

- After unpacking and washing up, Aunty Amy brought us to Coogee beach. We walked along the coast until Bondi Beach. Dipped our toes in the blue Pacific Ocean :) Took a bus back to Coogee and went to a restaurant nearby and had Peking Duck for lunch.

- Went back home, took forty winks and woke up just in time to wash up & have dinner.

- Had dinner at a Chinese restaurant of lobster, abalone, pigeon, shark fins' soup, etc. The seafood is so fresh and delicious!

Day 2 : Saturday

- Uncle Kum Hung drove us & another couple (Damien & Elle) to The Entrance, near Gosford to see the pelicans. It was about a 2 1/2 hours drive from NSW.

- Stop by at Hawksburry River, weather was kinda gloomy, so the river wasn't as blue as it could be according to Uncle Kum Hung

- Lunch was a picnic in a park. Aunty Amy packed for us nasi lemak consisting of rice, eggs, chicken curry, etc

- Saw the pelicans. Accordingly, they have been fed with fish head/bones by this Fish & Chip shop daily exactly at 3pm for many, many years

- Had home cooked dinner that Aunty Amy prepared for us

- Played a few game of Wii with Sam. Nearly beat him to it. Nearly, but not quite!

Day 3 : Sunday

- Met James at a train station (Newtown) where he lived and walked to his church for morning service.

- After service, we walked passed his Uni on the way to town. Drop by at a mini meseum in his Uni

- Went to Fish Market for lunch of fresh oyster, fish & chips & sashimi. A seagull stole a piece of salmon slice right under our nose! Frustrating!

- Walked around Chinatown and got home just in time for dinner at the same Chinese restaurant with Jing (James' gf) and her parents.

Day 4 : Monday

- Went to Kiama blowhole and on the way, we stopped at Subline Lookout.

- Saw a beautiful rainbow at Kiama, absolutely beautiful

- Had lunch of Maggi Mee & tuna sandwiches in a park (most of the parks in Aus have BBQ facilities & also very well maintained)

- Uncle Kum Hung dropped us at Hurtsview for our grocery shopping

- Damien cooked dinner for all of us - seafood noodles (absolutely lip smacking!)

Day 5 : Tuesday

- Hunter Valley day tour (cost about AUS 68 per person)

- We had wine, cheese & chocolate tasting (I think I had more than a total of 30 glasses of wine!)

- Bought 6 bottles of wines, consumed 3 bottles in Sydney (spread over a few days of coz) :)

- Walked around Circular Quay to have a night view of Sydney Harbour Bridge & Sydney Oprah House

- Walked all the way to City Hall, George Street (had my first bite of Krispy Kreme!) and stop by at Woolworths to do some grocery shopping

Day 6 : Wednesday

- Went to Botanical Garden in the morning.

- Took a ferry from Circular Quay to Taronga Zoo.

- Pet a wallaby, saw the infamous playtipus, koala bear, among many other animals

- Had dinner with Eunice (ex PwC colleague, currently working in EY, Sydney) at a Korean Restaurant in town

- Went home to pack for tomorrow's lunch & dinner (this is what I call budget travelling *wink*)

Day 7 : Thursday

- Went to Katoomba by train (approximately 2 hours train ride)

- Went to Scenic World, Gordon Falls, Laura Cascade (we walked at a bush path from Gordon Falls to Laura Cascade of about 2 km in 45 mins)

- Spend a night in a lovely lil cottage called No 14 (recommeded by Lonely Planet guide)

Day 8 : Friday

- Went to Jenolan Caves by bus from Katoomba (about 2 hours bus ride)

- Explored Lucas cave and Nettle Cave/Devil's Coach House

- Went home by train and had dinner

- Met Chee Kean & his wife, Amy

Day 11 : Saturday

- Slept in late, woke up only at about 10 am

- Went to Sizzler for lunch with Kean & Sam (all you can eat buffet). Had Rump steak, not bad. The buffet was good, with many variety of salads, pastas and desserts :)

- Walked around Paddi, Chinatown (had a try of the famous Emperor Golder Puff -
which is actually a custard filled puff which I absolutely love) , The Rocks, Darling Harbour, Star City (Casino). Was asked for my ID and was told " You don't look anywhere near 18, sweetie!". Can't sleep that night *smiles*

Day 12 : Sunday

- Went marketing in the morning; bought Rump Steak, sausages, lamb ribs, lamb chop, prawns, eggplant (they are huge!) for our BBQ lunch at Uncle Kum Hung's backyard

- Went to Kean & Amy's house for a game of Wii

- Went digging for cockles somewhere near Botany Bay (we collected almost close to one kilo; or maybe two)

- Washed up and had dinner of porridge & fish at the same Chinese restaurant

Day 13 : Monday

- Got a day tripper pass (AUD 16 per person)

- To a ferry to Manly beach; shopped around and had fish & chips for lunch

- Took a ferry back to Circular Key and then another ferry to Parramatta. The sunset view in the ferry to Paramata was truly beautiful.

- Went home & had steamboat with the rest of them

Day 14 : Tuesday

- Flew back home, flight was delayed for two hours. Only arrived at KLIA at 8pm M'sian time.

(pictures to be updated much much much later - you guys know me la hor! *wink*)

Had a good trip to Aus overall, and there are alot of beautiful places to see & wonderful people to meet, but at the end of the day, there's nothing better than to return to a place you call home......

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