Sunday, June 29, 2008

.: Life In UK :.

Had an hour web conversation with my bro...

Kinda good to hear from him after three weeks since he has left...
Sounds and looks like he's adapting well. On top of that, he was proudly showed us all the cool cheap food stuff he can get from Tesco, which is about 5 mins walk from where he's staying.

He went like :

"Jie, you know how much this cost?
*brings a bar of chocolate out*
"It's only 1 pounds"

.. and he does it repeatedly for like three or four products. Almost like an advertistment for Tesco products or something like that. Even went to the extend of opening the bar of chocolate at eating it right in front of us. *shakes head*

But it's good to know that he's doing alright.

Miss him alot tho........

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