Sunday, June 8, 2008

.: What's My Age Again? :.

Went to Bangsar Seafood Village, Bangsar yesterday (Saturday) with the rest of our church members and some guest to celebrate our Church's Membership Day - it was SLS' 8th year anniversary.

Was placed in a table with the rest of the kids (well, I guess they do need some responsible adults - that's me *ehem* to babysit the kids). So there was Dr Tui's kids - Alynna, Adam, Adrian and Andrew, Melinda's kids - Tanya & Sonya and their friend Karen. Then Alynna & Adam was whispering and giggling and after I gave them the curious look, Alynna said "Adam wants to ask you something...."

I turned my attention to Adam, who was giggling and smiling, and he asked "Are you two married?" (indicating JC, who was seated next to me).

Taken aback by his question, I smiled and asked him "What do you think?"

Then, his brother, seating next to him, replied with an answer which I could not be more satisfied with...

"Of course not.... She's too young to be married... She's like what? 18 or 19?"

Made my day I tell you! Hehe *wink*wink*

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