Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Just maybe ... things are simple.

We just tend to complicate things because *deep breath* being simple is boring!

hahaha... (ok lame, not funny, not suppose to sound funny either as this isn't a joke)

I'm Yin btw. =)

... and I miss you! ~<3

signing out with loads of hugs and kisses. ~xoxo~


Kathlynn said...

I miss you too....
Miss everything that is lively and fun :)

Yin Fung said...

I miss having a life. =p

u seem to b having so much trips n fun these days. ENVY U! =p,

gud, u have a life worth envying. hahaha!

Kathlynn said...

You can only envy on what you see at the surface, but look beyond that, and you will appreciate what you have rather than be envious of what you think other are having...

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