Thursday, April 24, 2008

.: Anyone Can Fly :.

I never knew Tony Fernandez (Air Asia) is such a humble guy. Was really glad that I was able to meet him at an ICAEW dinner last night. He gave a very inspirational as well as entertaining speech (though it was long, nobody actually mind).

I shook his hands and thanked him for the wonderful speech. I also meet up with Raymond of the ICAEW Institute, Executive Director. And he still remembers me after almost a year plus! :)

I guess it's good that I've such a lasting impression on people (or is it not?!)

Well, anyways I've been kinda bogged down with work lately, it's not that it is very voluminous, but rather very mind-boggling. Just not used to using so much brain cells in such long span of time. Really like my job actually (aside from the fact that I'm still in the accounting line).

I've a really great, understanding boss - who really takes the time to coach no matter how busy he is. I've some great colleagues (some , not all though). I find the little things at my workplace that I seem to enjoy, for example, opening a parcel that came all the way from UK (which was a compilation of reports & summary of one of the corporate restructuring that I was involved in). I got really excited, almost like a five-year-old opening her Christmas present. I have colleagues who's really nice to talk to when I'm super stressed out with work. And who feeds me endlessly with chocolates and cookies :)

I can't really say that I'm satisfied being where I'm now, but at least, I'm more happy than I was.

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