Monday, June 4, 2007

Yin is Wonderful!

Yin is in the house blog!!!

I was having my sweetest dream of Prince Charming this morning when suddenly Christina Aguilera's singing awakened me! Yes, Christina Aguilera kacau-ed my sleep. Actually, my hp ringtone is set to "Come On Over Baby", still it feels good to brag about being awakened by a megastar's singing. =D

So I got a call from Shan Lyn KATH asking me wether I'm free to guestblog for her.
Yin: Wei... *yawns*
Kath: What are you doing?
Yin: I'm still in bed... *yawns*
Kath: Wake up lahhh. Sudah one o'clock lehhh...
Yin: *yawns* Tired lahhh. Why you kacau me??? *yawns*
Kath: You free or not? Want to guestblog for me?
Yin: *HYPER TONE* Want, want, want!!!

Yes, I love blogging. I can even consider it as my new found hobby!

Well, Kath here is my cousin from my paternal side. I'm the younger cousin, OBVIOUSLY! I am 19 this year OK, so stop saying that I look like a secondary kid! =/
I should stop saying things about me-me-me, since this is my jie-jie blog it should be about her-her-her!!!


Taken during Christmas '05.
We wore matching black top. No it wasn't planned!

This is more recent, about a week ago.

Attending my Uncle's wedding.

Just for fun.

Nice or not? I took the time to make this lehhh.

Oh yeah, jie-jie is a smart kid. She always set the standards high for UPSR, PMR, SPM... so we cousins had to be constantly reminded by our "mummynising" mums to achieve the same. I SHOULD BLAME HER FOR TURNING ME INTO A NERD!!! =/

Her favourite colour is blue. She is "supposedly" allergic to seafood. She likes Winnie the Pooh and Meg Ryan's character in "You've Got Mail". I think her deep affection with Meg Ryan might be one of the reasons she "slashed" her hair short.

Well, she is practically my big sister, confidante, someone to look for when I'm in deep shit, bitching buddy, someone I share my joys and sorrows with, bla-bla-bla ... I even started blogging last year because of her,,, but I think I went a little blog crazy these days... hehehe. Visit my blog >>here<<. Ok, just a little promotion on my behalf ... soweee jie!

She constantly remind me and people of the universe not to date an accountant, but guest who is a she dating now!

"Cakap tak serupa bikin"

Ok that's all from Yin. I think Tammie will be guest-blogging for her soon. I want Tammie to guestblog for me too!!! Tomato Tammie is another cousin of mine and her writings can make me put on a BIG SMILE the whole day. *insider joke*


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