Tuesday, June 5, 2007

.: I Believe ... :.

I believe that junk food taste so good because it's bad for you...

If this is to be translated literally, then it just means that the junk food we eat taste so0o0o good because it's bad for our health.


Junk food are foods which lack nutrients (vitamins and minerals) but has high energy (calories), hence the term "empty calories".

Potato chips

Junk food, as you can see, includes salted snack food, fried fast food, sweets & candies, carbonated beverages, etc, etc

Carbonated candies

I'm sure most of us, at one point in time LOVE consuming to our heart's desire all this junk food.

I know I did!

When I was younger, and was given the choice to choose where to have dinner, I would immediately suggest fast food restaurants like McDs, KFC, Pizza Hut. Now, given the choice, I would rather have home cooked dishes meal or tai-chau anytime.

Sometimes, when I see my cousins (namely Kevin & Rachel) being so0o0o excited to have a meal at a fast food joint, I can help but smile to myself. I was like them once. Now I guess I've grown out of that phase. Thank goodness, I guess. *wink*

But as I explore deeper into the meaning of this phrase, I can't help but think... could it also mean that we human beings are often attracted to bad things, rather than good.

A close friend once told me, in terms of BGR, "nice guys always finishes last". He seems to have this theory that if a guy were to treat a girl extremely nice, giving her everything that he could give, the girl would eventually leave him (or not be in a relationship with him in the first place).

Rather, he concluded that girls are more attracted to "bad boys". Look at Hollywood for instance. Britney was once married to K-Fed wasnt't she? Pamela married rocker Tommy Lee. And look at Lindsay Lohan and her long list of playboy dates.

So why are women attracted to bad boys?

It's a mystery almost as equal as the Bermuda Triangle mystery I guess....

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