Friday, June 29, 2007

.: Life Eternal :.

I’m feeling very pained and troubled inside me right now.

It doesn’t help when on the way to work this morning; my dad was on the speakerphone with one of his colleague.

They were talking about another colleague of theirs

He had nose cancer a while back. After the operation then, he went for chemo and was given the green bill of health. About a few years back, they found a growth in his lungs. The doctors remove it, but whether the growth was malignant or benign, my Dad don’t know. About a month back, he went for another operation. This time because there’s a growth in his brains. It’s malignant. He’s now undergoing radiotherapy.

My Dad and his colleague recently found out that he is selling off his golf clubs, car and house. They do not know the underlying reason behind it, but speculate that he is preparing for the worse.

I’m very saddened to hear such news. The person is only my Dad’s age, mid-50’s.

It’s not the only sad news I’ve heard so far.

In my Dad’s workplace itself, there was news of colleague who died while working (due to the rupture of a main artery in the brain.

There’s also of a young man, who died in a gruesome accident on the way back from a meeting. His wife was pregnant then. When the bad news was conveyed to her, she went hysterical.

A few colleagues of his also have had heart attacks, some even during working hours.

If one were to say that this happens to the more “elderly” generation, I beg to differ.

The young man who died in the car accident; he had his whole life ahead of him. He’s just at the peak of his life, and all was taken away; just like that.

What about a course mate of one of my friend? My age. Healthy. Active. The only sign was that she was most of the time fatigue. One day, she just went into a coma. She was diagnosed with leukemia. But the diagnosis came far too late. She passed away just a couple of weeks back, never waking for her coma.

And there’s also another close friend’s friend. She had cancer. Also my age.

Life on earth, is so short…

Sometimes, it’s shorter than you think it is…

The plans that you make for yourselves, 5 years from now, a year from now, a month from now, even a day from now, you might never wake up to that.

Depressing thought isn’t it?

But it’s the facts of life…

So, instead of ONLY planning for the immediate future, why not also include planning for eternity?

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