Thursday, January 9, 2014

.: Ridin' On That Midnight Train :.

I’ve been taking the train to and fro work of late.

And there was this particular incident that made me quite mad early that morning.

A lady, probably in her third trimester, boarded a semi-loaded coach of the KJ LRT line.

Nobody, and I tell you, nobody was kind enough to give up a seat for her.

Fine, I will exempt those elderlies, which mind you, are not many as most of them are already standing up.

And I will also exempt the ones that dozed off.

And I will also give in to those who did not notice her (who could have missed a fully pregnant woman is beyond me, but whatever).

But there was this particular lady, who just stared at the pregnant woman, yawned and started playing with her phone.

How rude! I stared back at her, hoping that she would have caught whiff of my angry stare, or I was hoping that somehow, telekinetically or magically, I would be able to get the message through her. Alas, no such luck. I was contemplating telling her off, but I felt it was not right to victimize her as others sitting are equally guilty. I saw her picked her bag, and left when the train coach doors open.

Oh good, the pregnant lady has a chance to sit. I saw her slowly making her way towards the seat. And zoom came running by, a perfectly able woman, like a hungry vulture, and plonked her bl**dy a** onto the seat.


From thereon, I’ve learned.

I boarded a relatively empty train back home that very same day, and sat on one of the seats. The next stop, KLCC, many passengers came in. I saw a lady handling two small toddlers walking in with both of her hands hold each of her kids. I stood up, tapped her on her shoulder, and offered her my seat. The lady sitting next to me must have felt bad and also quickly got to her feet and offered her seat to the lady with kids. She was reluctant to accept at first, but after I insisted and told her it was dangerous for her two young one to stand anyways, she ushered the two kids to sit.

Sometimes, I suppose, you must make someone in the situation ‘feel bad’ about it first, and if they have any decency left in them, to do the same.

And if there’s an empty seat in the train – take it. So that if and when there’s someone who needs it more is seen at least you have control over letting that person have that seat.

Ugh. Just one of those pet peeves that really gets to me.

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