Monday, January 6, 2014

.: Financial Goals :.

Having financial goals scares me (ironically), not because it's relatively easier to achieve them - as compared to my fitness goals, but it's because of the ok-so-I've-made-it-what's-next moment.

I told myself that I was going to achieve a certain level of income (salary) before I hit the big 3-0, but with God's blessing, I achieved that goal when I was a few months short from turning 27. Then, I just don't know what I should push myself to achieve next.

I look at the consolidated net worth of The Husband and I, and sometimes I wonder if we push ourselves too much, or is it possible for us to achieve even more than that?

So, I guess, what I'm really about to say is that I am to commit to one financial goal for the time being, which is to achieve a million ringgit in net worth (all my assets, less out all my liabilities) - solo i.e. without the Husband's numbers. And because all goals should be SMART, the T being time-bound, I hope that achieve this state by 30. A million ringgit is no biggie - people half my age have already raked in millions and millions of dollars anyways. But it only translates to two years of me working hard and making the capital work hard for me as well.

Let's just see if it's even remotely possible.

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