Saturday, March 30, 2013

.: Books I've Read In 2013 :.

1) 50 Shades Of Grey – E. L. James
2) The Best Laid Plans – Sidney Sheldon
3) Morning, Noon and Night – Sidney Sheldon
4) Never Look Away - Linwood Barclay
5) Where Are The Children? - Mary Higgins Clark
6) The Wood - Harlan Coben
7) Cross Bones - Kathy Reich 
8) Snow Flower and the Secret Fan - Lisa See

Ok, so I know I've said that I would take a hiatus. I can't help it, honestly. When I picked Sheldon's book on Saturday, I was hooked and read from cover to cover in 3 solid hours. It was that good. Then I picked another Sheldon's book on Sun after dinner and completed it before bedtime. Reading is addictive, and going cold turkey over it may perhaps be a bad idea. It sounds like it's wrong to be reading, but given the circumstances, I need to allocate my 24 hours a day elsewhere. Priorities have to be given to my 2013 goals! Anyways, #12booksin12months, that's all, I promise *cross fingers behind back*. Ok, fine. I promise to try to limit myself to that much. *smirk*


morningcloud said...

i felt reading shouldnt be limited to the no of books... Read as much as u like!

Kathlynn said...

I've got so much I want to read, but I need to balance it out with other things in life. 24hrs jus ain enuf :(

morningcloud said...

ala.... u should balance out like making pooh bear babies.that'll keep you even more busy

Kathlynn said...

i love my freedome too much to have lil pooh bears runnin about. haha :) i wanna party, party everyday! :)

morningcloud said...

make sure we partayyyy in bkk! =))))
omg! so excited!

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