Monday, October 1, 2012

.: Wake Up, September Has Ended :.

Holla all! Today's the day where you smack silly all your friends who have requested to be woken up when September ends. I shall not even start on how many people on my Facebook & Twitter alike have posted / tweeted that *facepalm* [or was is *palmface* - I can never remember]

It's indeed a beginning of a new month, and also the beginning of the last quarter of the year. Personally, today will be a time of reflection for me. Of how far I have been and how far more I will be going. And tho I must admit that I am feeling a bit down the last few days (probably also due to the fact that I was feeling under the weather - with the coughing & wheezing & backaches & sore throat), I am still thankful for God's shower of blessings in my life.

There is so much more I want to do before the clock strikes twelve to mark the new year.

I would love to at least substantially complete my interior house d├ęcor to make my crib a lil more homey. I would love to get my hands down and dirty with all the arts & crafts ideas lined up on my Pinterest board, tempting me to try. I would love to try out more new recipes, using and testing ingredients that I have never used before, pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I would love to get another property for investment, better still if it's of a different portfolio mix of that we already have. I would love to spend more quality time with my family and not forgetting more quiet time with our Heavenly Father. I would love to travel to a new place (even if it's local). I would love to whip out my camera, wipe the dust of it's lens and take a few good shoots. I would love to complete my 52 books read this year challenge. I would love to lose the pounds I have gained (and even more) to achieve a healthy weight.

There's really so much to be done, but I shall conquer it a step at at time.

Til then, goodbye September, hello October! :)

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