Monday, October 15, 2012

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It’s been a while since I last blogged. As always, just too much on my plate to juggle, just too little time.

Priorities has (yet again) shift, me being more into watching series these days (no thanks to my current boss introducing to me this site which allows me to watch the latest series the very day it's airing). I am currently watching HIMYM up to their latest episod and I also finally joined the bandwagon of The Big Bang Theory. Speaking of series, I very much liked the one that Benedict introduced to us - which is Suits.

Finally, a series that both the Husband & I unanimously agree to. No more scissors-paper-stone-ing to see who gets to what which series first - Glee or HIMYM.

Suits is appealing to the Husband very much because it relates to what he's doing. You see, this series is about corporate lawyers (nope, not like Ally Mcbeal, totally different league) who is coniving & brutal, characteristics one would need to survive the dog-eat-dog corporate world.

I particularly love the show due to it's witty-but-not-lame humour (similar reasons to why I love watching BBC's Sherlock series)

Unfortunately, we consumed the two seasons like hungry wolves and hence have to go on a Suits hiatus until the new season airs early next year. Why, oh why?

Benedict has also introduced us to New Girl, but the Husband wasn't too keen. As for me, I am just mesmerised by Zooey Deschanel's beauty (she is just so mesmerisingly beautiful! Really!) and the series is quite good, but because I am spoilt for choice, I do rank HIMYM, Criminal Minds & (currently) The Big Bang Theory higher then New Girl. And when Suits & Sherlock comes in next year, I am gonna be swamped by series-watching.

I have given book-reading a rest, so I still have 17 more books to go to complete my #52booksin52weeks challenge. I still think it's achievable if I start to proactively kickstart my reading again and scale back a little of watching the addictive series. Ah, the typical first world dilemma (#firstworldpain).

Oh, and if you must know, I have also butchered my hair to bob-short now, throwing away about 12 inches of my locks. I am still in a i-love-my-haircut mode, but I got a gut feel that I will be regreting this decision in the near future. Typical women, no?


Anonymous said...

Kat!!! What is the link to watch HIMYM??? I need to update myself!!! XD

Kathlynn said...

lol! :) enjoy!

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