Wednesday, October 17, 2012

.: Singin' The Blues :.

Yesterday was feelin a lil bit down.

Was walking back to the carpark from a friendly archery tourney held at Berjaya Times Square organised by my dept.

The skies were grey, holding threat to rain anytime soon. It's been like that the past few days, an indication that we are heading in to a slightly earlier monsoon this year. As I walked alone, I feel miniscule droplets of water on my skin. I looked up, and the sky has indeed turned to a darker shade of grey, covering whatever lil sunrays we had just minutes ago. I contemplate increasing my leisure pace to my car, which is about another three minutes walk from where I was.

Nah, I said to myself. I rather enjoy my slow, leisure walk. And if it rains, so much the better.

I recalled a time when I was still in Form 5 (that was about a decade ago). The dad usually sends me to school, and I would walk back. That day, it was raining. Of course, I could have stayed in the canteen, have some fried wontan soaked in watered down chilly sauce which sells for RM1 for 3 huge pieces. Or I could stay in the library and catch up on some reading. But I thought to myself, I needed this.

So, the rationale part of me (thank goodness there was) made sure I took care of the books in my non waterproof bag. I left my text & work book at the desk of my favourite teacher (forget about the homework, I can always do it the next day; Somehow. Somewhat). And then I did it. I walked. Under the rain. It was liberating. It was exhilarating. It was! As I walked, the rain soaked my uniform. My shoes & socks were filled with water from puddles that I walked on. As I wiped the mixture of rainwater and tears from my eyes, I felt so relieved. There's no need to put on that mask and just be who I really am inside.

I felt I needed that so much yesterday.

Unfortunately, like that to the promises made by politician, the promise of rain by the nimbostratus clouds didn't crystalise and I left that carpark still feelin the blues.

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