Monday, November 17, 2008

.: Piglet :.


I've found my Wamu!~ [click here to find out what a Wamu is *tsk,tsk,tsk - how can you not know!?*]

Ok, fine, so it's just Wilbur the spring piglet (not to be confused with a spring chicken) from Charlotte's Web. Though this movie was shown in late 2006, I've only gotten around to watch it last weekend on DVD.

So, when I asked JC if he would get me this Wamu, he coolly replied (as if already carefully rehearsed) "Ok, but you must ask Mummy first...."

Now.... how do I convince my mum to allow me to get a pet piglet? Will "Mummy, I want a lil bro or sis to play with coz I'm lonely" works?
No harm trying I guess....

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