Sunday, November 30, 2008

.: Dad-dy :.

I was asking a colleague of mine how come his surname is Chua or Chwa (as he seems to have used it interchangable).
And his reply (via email) was:

Nov 28, 2.41pm

I think should be interchangeable:

Chua – my ancestor/granddad’s surname
Chwa – my daddy’s surname

Nov 28, 2.49pm funny - you refer to your dad as "daddy"

Last time I told my colleague "my daddy is pickin me up" they laugh at me coz I still use the word daddy!~

Looks like I'm not the only one :)

Haha :)

To which he replied....

Nov 28, 2.52pm

I think daddy should be the correct word right? How do you call your father when you are still a small girl?

Daddy right?

So as you grow older then you get lazier and you drop the “dy” and you call Dad. That’s the story ok….


Such a nice story!~ :)

By the way, this colleague of mine is late-30s /early-40s, daddy of two ... *wink*

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