Wednesday, August 27, 2008

.: The Truth, The Whole Truth, And Nothing But The Truth :.

Neo is presented by Morpheaus two pills.

The red pill will answer the Neo's quest to know what is the "Matrix".

The blue pill simply is for life to carry on as it is.

So, would you take the blue pill and live in ignorance (afterall, ignorance is bliss isn't it) ?

Or would you take the red pill and live an "examined life" (as how Aristotle would call it) ?

As advertised for their "Lie Detector Test"

The truth shall set you free
(from the Bible - John 8:32)

The trust is out there
(from X-Files)
But how many of us wants to know the whole brutal truth?

It's really often the case where we think we need to know the truth, but when that is being presented to us, we would rather not know what we we told.

As a lil girl, I grew up watching Disney's fairytales....

They all often starts with "once upon a time" and ends with "and they lived happily ever after"...

At one naive point in my life, I thought so too. Ask me then if I believed that if it's possible for a pumpkin to turn into a carriage - I would say yes. Ask me if I believed that someday, my prince will come - I would say yes.

But as I grew up, the environment I grew up in quickly strip away all this naiveness, replacing them with cynicalism. And for those who knew my mum well, she would be the catalyse to this process. Well, it's good to be idealistic and optimistic, and I really admire those who still believes that life is a fairytale and that they are going to live happily ever after, but we do need to be truthful to ourself isn't it so?

But having said that, I'm not totally cold or cynical. I still continue to watch sappy ol' love movies and read a good romance novel and more often than not, shed a tear or two (sometimes even more when I know nobody's looking) at touching moments. And I guess I've been holding on to this lil streak of hope (lil, but nonetheless still hopeful) that I never realise, up until now. This explains blue skies, jigsaw puzzles, scrap books, etc (a lil bit personal, but some would know what I mean)

But am I still being naive to believe so? Or is this just a lie I'm trying to tell myself?

I went along the line of taking the red pill, and to be honest, sometimes I wished I never knew the truth. It hurts. So much. I guess it's much easier to live a lie, at least your somewhat happier. But this is the price you pay for wanting to know the truth - and sometimes it causes you more than you anticipated, but nobody says that the truth is kind. It's brutal.

So to JC who will or will not be reading this - thanks for your honesty.

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