Thursday, August 7, 2008

.: Life, Oh Life :.

I've been working late for the last two months, picking up the bits and pieces of what was left from the previous accountant of my job.

It's been difficult, learning the hard way, with no guidances, using the "trial and error" method. But I'm proud of myself, coz I will never imagine myself being able to do what I'm doing now. I was put in charge (on a temporary secondment) of doing the year end consolidations of GLM (a public listed company). On top of actually doing the consolidations, I've also got to deal with the fact that my figures will be audited (my work is under the scrutiny of the EY auditors).

I find it quite funny to be sitting on the other side of the fence, me being the client instead of the auditors. I try to be nice to most of them, but there are days where my patience ran out. Sometimes, I can only take this much of silly questions from them.

On the other hand, I'm also reporting to Singapore (GLL). I've gotten to know the consol team there well (there's almost like 7 of them, scrutinising my work as well). They are really a bunch of nice people. They know that I'm new, and really try to be helpful and patience with me.

Then of course, there's my internal reporting. I've just met with my new Group FC (whom I'm reporting directly to). He seems ok.

Sometimes, I wonder if God really puts in all these challanges in life just to show me that I'm really better that I think I'm. Of course, compared to a few others that I know, who are super capable in their work, I know I'm just an average Jane. But sometimes, I look down on myself and understate my true potential.

It's really great to know that God has brought me this far in life. Indeed, the glory is all His.

I've also been through a tough time in my study arrangement, which I was very frustrated since Monday. Hopefully that all of the problems encountered can be quickly resolved.

My relationship wise, I'm still coping with that. It's really not easy to have two person of very similiar, yet very different (but complimentary) personality to be with one another. But it's a learning process, and nobody has said that all learning processes are easy.

Overall, my life is progressing well, just sometimes feel that it can be better.

But I guess that's human nature, nothing is ever enough.......

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