Monday, August 25, 2008

.: Republic @ Sunway and My Weekend :.

Friday night @ Republic Sunway with Seat Jian (fondly known as Nana to everyone else there).

So I danced the whole night thru & drank till I puked....


So NOT true!


I was drinking responsibly - unlike SJian who drank pass his limits (and fertilised a nearby plant with his puke) and no, I didn't even went to the dancefloor (except to go to the washroom, which I had to walk pass the dancefloor).

After turning SJian's invitation to go clubbing twice, I thought I gave this one a chance. And tho I did enjoy making new friends, I realise that I'm just too old for this clubbing scene.

I went back home @ 4am - much to my parents' displeasure, but even more of JC's....

I woke up at 7.30am, to follow my dad to pick up Yin @ Cyber (she bought me Nando's for that *smiles*)

Went to my regular hair saloon and my mum & the hairstylist was bargaining on what to do with my hair, and before I knew it, she took out this mixture of chemical and started applying on my hair..... Yes, my mom still has control over my hair (even when I'm already 22 going on 23 for crying out loud!).... I had no say, so now my hair is cardboard straight again!

Went to Umai - Ya (I highly recommend this restaurant!) @ Damansara Mutiara for dinner - the six of us (Dad, Mum, Ah Ee, Yin, JC and myself). Dad had Ramen, Mum had Teppan Chicken Bento Set (it's good!), Ah Ee had Unajyu (an grilled unagi rice set - it's also good!), Yin had their Beef Sukiyaki (I absolutely love their sukiyaki, but I don't think Yin does), JC has a Grill Fish Bento Set (can't recall what type of fish that was, but it was good!) and I had Seafood Ramen (nice!). We also had two California rolls, baby octopus salad & salmon salad. Bill turned up to be RM 121 for the six of us (after a RM 80 discount)... So worth it!

Went for a short (my Mum's definition of short is 2.5 hours) grocery shopping @ Mutiara's Tesco.

Sunday morning, went to 1 Utama with Yin to get her stuff. Had Nando's (Yin's treat) & for fun, we got ourselves shades :)

Pics of us camwhoring with our sunnies to be uploaded soon! (if we ever do lah!) :)

Drop by our National Library to return some books and to loan a few new ones - my first read from this new batch of books is "To Kill A Mockingbird"

Dinner @ Wang Chew, SS2 (JC's treat) of pork knuckle, fish, steamed chicken, some veggies & their famous Indo taufu (this is really good!)...

Come Monday morning, I'm down with a flu (no thanks to running under the rain a couple of times during the week).... What a way to start the week! :(

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