Thursday, March 13, 2008

.: When A Journey Comes To An End :.

There comes a point in time where you have to learn to let go of the things
dearest and closest to your heart.
And even though this point would form part of the most painful and hardest decision in your life, you know that it’s the best for everyone.
And years down the road, when you look back and reminisce of the times you had;
you can not help but to just hold back your tears and smile.
If there ever was a chance to have it all done all over again with the same ending,
without missing a beat of my heart, I would say yes.
It’s been exactly 22 short months, but it has indeed been a journey;
and for that very brief moment;
you left an impact that changed my life forever.

Thanks for all the memories.

JC and I have decided to split…
It is one of the most difficult decisions I’ve made, that not only affect my life, but also his…
But I know that it’s the best for the both of us...
And I know that 50 years down the road, I can look back and not regret it…

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