Saturday, March 15, 2008

.: (Belated) Chinese New Year Post :.

Note : A super lagging CNY post that I drafted and saved in MWord and totally forgotten bout it until just now when I was doing some spring cleaning on my laptop files. Well, I guess it's better (super) late than never! :)

The Lunar New Year is here again.

Some things have not changed.
Like rolling out the big ol’ rectangular brown carpet in the living room.
Hanging of the red curtain at the main entrance door (a tradition that is fairly common in Malacca but not in KL).
Hanging of the two big round red lanterns d├ęcor outside.
Sharing of jokes between us cousins on the “children’s table” during reunion dinner on New Year’s eve.
Playing charades after our hearty dinner.
Us cousins munching cookies (pineapple tarts, kuih bangkit, kuih ros, kuih dahlia – to name a few) which were meant for guests (much to my mom’s displeasure).
Our traditional “soja” which we kneel down to wish our elderly and then get their blessings in return.

But there are things that have.
Like not having Grandpa around anymore.
Not waking up to the loud blast of New Year songs which Grandpa will play at around 8am on the first day of the New Year.
No more annual family pictures.
No more excitement of running upstairs after receiving angpows from relatives/friends to count how much we have received (all of us have surpassed that age of getting excited over angpows).

And there are things that will.
Like not having Ben around next year to tell us more dirty jokes (he’s going to Scotland next year to further his studies to be a legal drug peddler i.e. pharmacist)
Or perhaps having another new cousin to celebrate with us next year? *wink* (big hint to my just-married uncle)

It’s just frightening sometimes to think of how much have changed.
But equally exciting to know that some things are still the same.

Wishing everyone a Happy & Blessed Chinese New Year!

And some CNY pics for your viewing pleasure :)

The lil kids having their own Charade - it's not difficult to guess, since their char are only limited to Sponge Bod characters

Lil Eric having a bite of his huge prawn cracker! Yum! Yum!

Lil Rach, the apple of my eye!

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