Sunday, March 9, 2008

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This photo was taken a few years back, with my darling baby cousin Rachel.

This picture reminds me of the reason why I love to be with children so much. Their innocents and child-like faith, and pureness of their heart really makes me want to protect and shield them from the harshness and cruelness of the outside world.

They seem to be in a world of their own, delighting themselves with the most menial, simplest thing in an adults' eye. They rarely judge, unlike us adults, who only know how to judge others and care on how others judge us.

They know no pain and suffering, and this can be seen even from the children of the poorest region. Their eyes reflects contentment, even the most simplistic act can bring joy to them. Their laughs, really comes from the heart and you can see their eyes sparkle and dance with joy.

It melts your heart to see them smile. To hear they laugh. Most of all, to have them teach us things we never knew and remind us of things we forget.......

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