Friday, July 8, 2016

.: What's In A Name? :.

Sometimes early in the quiet morning, I will be randomly be awoken at random time.

Groggy, eyes open for a quick while to check the time on my phone (it’s usually 5am-ish) and then I would close my eyes again.

Sometimes, I would go back to slumber. Sometimes, my mind does not allow me so.

If I couldn't go back to sleep, I will usually take the opportunity to have my quiet time, quick short conversations with God. It could be reflections and thankfulness for His love and grace. It could be prayers for me, or for friends or family, or sometimes even for random strangers.

The other day, when I was awoken, I inched closer to the husband (King bed, we each have our sides), cuddled him, held his hand, and prayed out loud. I wasn’t quite sure if he was awake (coz he is a morning person) as my eyes were shut. Then I went back to sleep.

Later that night, the husband brought this up.

The Husband : I don’t know whether to laugh or cry! (referring to me praying for him out loud in the morning)

Me : Why?

The Husband : Do you know you started praying “Dear God, I pray for Bubu Bear ……” Bubu Bear?! Bubu Bear!?

Me : What? I said that? Well, you can’t blame me, I was barely awake! *laughs*

The Husband : God must be thinking – who the heck is Bubu Bear? What if God grants His blessings or answer your prayers onto the neighbour’s dog thinking that it is a Bubu Bear?

Me : Well, my prayers were answered, so God does know who Bubu Bear is!

Indeed, what an awesome God we have, who knows us in and out, name and nickname otherwise.

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