Thursday, July 7, 2016

.: Flashback : Mind Your Bearings :.

“Mind your bearing” my Form 3 Geography teacher scribbled on my exercise book.

Something about directions and co-ordinates.

Well. It figures doesn’t it when I have phone conversations like this with my dad (more often than not)

Me : Daddy, daddy. I think I am lost. They diverted the traffic from my usual route.

Dad : Ok, where are you now?

Me : I don’t know. I was gonna turn into Jalan Ismail from Jalan Ampang and they (the traffic police) didn’t allow me to turn. So I had to go straight. Then I think I turned left somewhere.

Dad : Ok, where exactly are you now?

Me : I don’t know! *getting irritated*

Dad : Ok, describe to me what’s on your left or right.

Me : Buildings!

Dad : What type of building? Wisma what? Menara what?

Me : I don’t know! I see a building under construction!

Dad : That doesn’t narrow anything down. Can you see if there’s any road sign that says PJ?

Me : No, nothing!

And the conversation went on and on between me trying to describe where I am and my dad trying to guess where I am and bail me out by giving me directions. Failed.

Me : Nevermind, I will figure it out!

Tut. Tut. Tut.

According to the husband, my dad is a saint when it comes to that. If I had called the husband instead, it will be a screaming match on his part (he has zero patience) and my end as well (coz I have zero tolerance for people screaming at me).

So there you go. Me and my bearings! :)

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