Friday, May 13, 2016

.: Tax Season :.

My cousin who submitted her income tax form for the first time, was absolutely mortified that she filled it incorrectly (no she didn’t understate her income, she completely did not declare it at all!)

She : What’s the worse that could happen to me?
She: Do you know? Haha
Me : Jail.
Me : Prison mate with Anwar.
Me : Do the whole prison break thingy
She : [annoyed emoji]
Me : Or orange is the new black stuff
She : You don’t know how much I am freaking out here
Me : Hahahahahaha. I’ll promise to write
She : Best cousin ever.
She : [trophy emoji]

Yes. I am the BEST. COUSIN. EVER!

I did redo her income tax form for her. So Tam, you owe me one get-out-of-jail card. Quite literally! :)

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