Monday, May 16, 2016

.: Conversation With God In A Lift :.

One day, I walked into a lift, and as the door was about to close, a few people was trying to get it. So I naturally quickly pressed the “door open” button. I ended up accidentally pressing the “alarm” button instead, and quickly switched to pressing the “door open” button, hoping that nobody noticed.

As the lift door closes, a male voice from the intercom (most likely security) spoke.

“Is everything all right?”

I awkwardly said yes, and that I had accidentally pressed the alarm button.

“No worries” he said chirpily, and ended the intercom conversation.

I was blushing red with embarrassment from the incident, we someone in the lift tried to be funny as said “Who is that? God?”

The whole lift, including myself, chuckled.

Ever wonder, if it was indeed God, what would you have said if he has asked “Is everything all right?”?

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