Monday, September 15, 2014

.: Project Status Updated :.

The last time I updated this list was a year and the half ago, so here's to a more recent one

On-going Projects/KIV Projects
  • Project Casa III
  • Project Castle II

Completed Projects
  • Project Greenfield
  • Project Turf
  • Project Wallaby
  • Project Spring
  • Project Masterpiece
  • Project Umbrella
  • Project Scribe
  • Project Casa II
  • Project Casa
  • Project Castle II
  • Project Castle
  • Project Downhill

Abandoned Projects
  • Project Moo Moo
  • Project Narnia
  • Project Island
  • Project Prince

1 comment:

goingkookies said...

wow. you guys are like wow!

really need to pick your brains and learn a trick or two (advice) from you...

please teach me your wisdom!! :) if you don't mind la, that is. hehe.

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