Wednesday, February 13, 2013

.: The General Malaysian Lacks General Knowledge :.

If you are one of those who listen’s to Mix.FM “Battle of the Sexes” while jamming (not the Bob Marley sort) in the car on the way to work, you would cringe at the lack-of general knowledge of the Malaysian population in general, regardless of sex.

I must admit that I myself too, lack much in this aspect, hence, I will be making it a point to learn something new every week – one new word & one new fact. And because I am taking a year hiatus from any serious reading (will relook into doing #12booksin12months, but we will see how that goes), this should be a good alternative to keep my mind jogging.
Speaking of which, #run365 is doing well, with me clocking in approximately a marathon’s distance length in the past month and a half. I have yet to start C25k, but will do so in due time. The runs are getting much easier, and tho my speed has slightly improved since day one, it's nowhere near a seasoned runner speed. Having said that, I am proud to say that I am still in track of my #run365 goal. I have also notice a considerable improvement of my health, evidenced by the fact that I do not fall sick as easy or as severely as I did in the past. Yes, there was the occasional sniffle here and there, but did not develop into something too serious. Now, if only I can start losing weight too! :)


goingkookies said...

lol. u r right.. at my office during lunch time, we will have trivia time reading from the newspaper and i fail miserably cos my general knowledge is weak but my hubby is quite d scorer.. he does wikeread a lot of stuff.. lols.

all d best in learning new stuff. i ve been thinking of doing so, too n perhaps blogging about it.. gambatte!?

Kathlynn said...

Yes! You should totally blog about it, so that I can learn stuff from your blog too! Let's do! :)

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