Wednesday, November 7, 2012

.: Unplugged :.


Strange indeed.

There was a time in my life where it was all about the music. I only could study with two conditions - ONE, it has to be past midnight and TWO, with the music on. One element without the other, I somehow find my absorption rates ineffective. Perhaps psychological.

Then, when I started working, I started to mellow down. Prolly due to the fact that I find it difficult if a colleague is talking to me while I have earplugs in both my ears. Also, I used to listen to my Ipod shuffle in the train to and from work, but I find it abit dangerous as I will be less aware of my surroundings. I tried to mitigate both concerns by using earplug on one side, and unplugged (pun intended) on the other side. But eventually, I gave up altogether.

Today, seeing that most of my colleagues are plugged on to the computer with earphones and what-not, I decided to try and see if it still works for me. But it's definitely perking my mood this morning listening to Christmas songs to get into the Christmas mood (no, it can never be too early!) :)

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