Monday, November 5, 2012

.: Project Greenfield :.

"Investment has a meaning only when one can enjoy the fruit" quoted from PropertyWTF forum.

If one is not already familiar with this forum, well you should. PropertyWTF is a platform for property buyers across Malaysia to discuss via forum their thoughts on - well the title says it - properties. Be it a first time home-buyer or a novice investor or a seasoned investor one will find this forum useful.

As crude as one may think the title mean, I believe it was meant to be an eye-catcher-tougue-in-cheek-humour. The "W" in WTF stands for "what-when-where" and "TF" naturally stands for "To Find".

I have been using this forum as a reference (with minimal participation coz I am shy among the great sifus who have provided their thoughts and valuable insights.

I have personally met one of Malaysian's very own taikor investor, Faizal Ridzuan, fondly known as Pai in another forum (Lowyat), who has humbly shared his investment strategy. That was about two years back. Of recent months, he has published a fast-selling book - titled WTF? 23 properties by 30, also sharing his insights in more detail.

I pretty much subscribe to his investment strategies, tho I beg to differ to some, only because I have a different set of risk appetite compared to him. But overall, I think his investment strategies are highly sound and his insights are much applicable to the current investment property market. A highly recommended book to read if you are considering dabbling into property investment.

Also, you may want to look into Star Property website for more feedbacks/opinions from the public!

Anyways, just a thought to share.

Here's to the launching of Project Greenfield! *clinks champagne glass*

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