Saturday, July 7, 2012

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Our life as a couple wasn't exactly a bed of roses. And even today, married for slightly more than a year, we are still learning to adapt to each other's idiosyncrasies. But the focus on us and our love isn't about highlighting all those disagreements. It's about the things we shared with each other that are so special to us.

 Like how he sacrificed his loathe for durians because of their stench (I beg to disagree), went all the way to get me a Musang King, and painstakingly cut open it just to satisfy my cravings for durian. Like how he held my hand, and shed tears with me while watching the first five minutes of Pixar's UP. Like how he help me wash the dishes without being asked to. Like how we laugh over lame private jokes that don't even really make sense under normal circumstances. Like how we share and sing along with Youtube to songs from our childhood days. Like how we use to watch each other sleep and spend a few minutes staring at each other in the morning. Like how we still hold hands in the car and give little squeezes every now and then. Like how, without exchanging a word, we read each other's mind. Like how we share each other's secret, our hopes, dreams and fears. Like how I sometimes tease to say that I'm married to the village idiot, and he would laugh back and say that that would make me Mrs.Village Idiot! They say love isn't about finding the perfect person, but learning to see an imperfect person perfectly. And how happy am I to be in love and married to this imperfectly perfect husband! 

Just to share something that I wrote early this year for a contest (which I didn't win by the way).


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goingkookies said...

awwww.. sounds like u married ur mr. perfect ;p

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