Friday, July 13, 2012

.: All American Breakfast :.

I am not usually a breakfast sort of person. Under normal circumstances, I can do without a breakfast (I know, not healthy and all, as breakfast is afterall the most important meal of the day). It's just that, because I am not a morning person, I am never up on time, hence, it's always a mad sprint from waking up to getting out of the door. I only visit the kitchen for a glass of water (too rush to even make myself a cup of milo).

But I do love a hearty breakfast nonetheless.

And my favourite, hands down, has got to be an all american breakfast.

So, one (it's gotta be a weekend) morning aeons ago (I finally got the time to look at my pics), I decided to whip myself some breakfast.

And, here's what I have conjured up.

I'll let the pics do most of the talking

Kath's version of an all american breakfast
Breakfast for two
Sauteed swiss brown mushroom in butter & garlic, homemade hash brown, rosemary focacia (from Ben's Independent Grocer, Publika), pork sausage (from S'wine deli, Publika), crispy fried bacon & scrambled eggs with homemade gravlax.

Heart-shaped pancakes with maple syrups & a bowl of fresh mixed fruits.

 Note : I have got to improve on my photography skills (or lack thereof). Disappointed with myself for the lousy shots.

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