Tuesday, December 20, 2011

.: Counting Down To Christmas Day :.

Currently reading : Jodi Picoult's Mercy

Current tune playing in my head : Bruno Mar's It Will Rain

Current series which I can't wait to watch : How I Met Your Mother - Did Barney really marry Robin?

Current baking objective : Christmas sugar cookies

Current mood : Melancholy

I know I have taken a very long hiatus from blogging with only 2 blogs, well 3 including this one for the month (my average is about 20-ish to 30-ish). There's plenty to express, but again, just the unwillingness to share on blog, or even face to face with my other half or closer friends. Looking back the whole year, I wonder if I really have achieved much this year? Perhaps not as much as I would like myself to. Many who knows me says that I tend to push myself too hard & have incredibly high expectations of myself. I disagree tho. I always thought that I have a fairly standard sets of expectation for myself. Anyhows, hope the mood will improve in days. Afterall, I am looking forward to spending Christmas this year with loved ones back in Malacca & friends. It could, afterall, be my last Christmas celebration here.

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