Monday, August 8, 2011

.: Lesson In Optimism :.

It is a known-fact that I am not exactly the most optimistic of person. In fact, I can be very much like Eeyore most of the time.

So, when a friend posted on her Facebook wall that she needed help to win some Hello Kitty stuff on some Facebook contest, I clicked on to check it out. A scrolled thru comments after comments and saw that one person had like 130+ likes. And then I spotted her name further down, and at the bottom of her comment box, there was 7 likes.

Ah, I said to myself, tough luck.

 I closed the screen without bothering to vote and proceed to checking my emails, blogshopping, paying my bills online, downloading some Photoshop tutorial and having an argument with someone else on Facebook. And then, pop, that particular friend’s message appeared on Facebook.

“Hi” she started, and before she even begin to type finish, I knew what she wanted.

“You want me to vote for you right?” I typed and pressed entered, almost a second after she told me she needed my vote to help her win.

“Do you know that there’s someone who’s like 130+ likes ahead from you?” I asked. “How optimistic are you in your chances of winning?” I continued.

She replied (something to this line, no word for word) “Yes, I know. But I still want to try. It’s better to try and lose than to never try at all.” And because of that, she had my ‘like’.

Just because you don’t think you’d have a chance that should not stop you from even trying. Afterall, there’s nothing to lose, and much to gain.

By the way, she did not win that Hello Kitty thingamabob. But what she had done is taught me a humble lesson.

Well, hopefully her optimism she transferred on twitter actually rubs off on me.


aisyah De Cullen said...

oohh..that is so inspirational! I am guilty of ignoring these kinds of requests on facebook as well..especially if I see the chances of winning are almost nil. >_< We all need a little more optimism in our life huh? Your friend taught me a lesson as well. She's a tough cookie there. :) I might have deleted my entries if it was 7 vs 130+ likes.

Choulyew said...

awww! LOVES!! ahahah :) yes we should always be positive. if we think we can, we can. if we think we're awesome, we are!

"For as he thinks in his heart, so is he." -Proverbs 23:7

haha thanks shan lyn for this post!

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