Friday, August 12, 2011

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How does one not tear after reading this article?

Here is an old man, who, at 78 years, should be sitting at home or having coffee at the nearest coffeshop with other fellow retirees chatting about or spending time with his children/grandchildren at home. And yet, this man is up at 6am, rummaging thru garbage bins collecting recyclables, earning a honest living, so that he can have some money to buy something nice for his two teenage grandchildren for Raya.

Just be grateful and thankful for everything we have... to complain less and appreciate more...

MALACCA: Everyday from morning till evening, a grandfather is diligently scouring the backlanes of Heritage Zone here to collect recyclable items all for the love of his two teenage granddaughters.

Ali Ahmad hopes the weather will be kind because it is easier to work on sunny days, and he wants to quickly collect and sell enough items to raise RM400 to give to his granddaughters this Hari Raya.

From 6am to 4pm since Monday, the 68-year-old can be seen rummaging through garbage bags and trash cans.

“It is not an easy thing to do. It is smelly and sometimes, dogs come after me.

“Some folks also look down on what I am doing.

But I ignore their stares because I am earning an honest income,” said the former driver for a local authority when met at the back lane along Jalan Bendahara here yesterday.

Ali is determined to achieve his goal because he wants his granddaughters to “have money to buy something nice for Hari Raya”.

“My wife is frail, and my pension is small. The money is not enough to buy Hari Raya stuff because I have to take care of the house rental and other daily expenses.

“I hope what I am doing now will bring in some money,” he said, adding that he sells the salvaged items to a local recycling centre.

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