Sunday, June 12, 2016

.: Breakfast Is Served :.

She was soundly asleep in her warm bed, a flannelette sheet that was perfect cozy sheet for the cold wintry nights.

From outside, the sound of the kookaburra echoing from the garden. She sandwiched her ears between two pillows, hoping to drown the sound and go back into slumber.

He came into the room, the sound of the creaking wooden door awoken her again.

He jumped into bed, lifted up the warm blanket cocoon she has created for herself and snuggled himself in. The tip of his cold toes touching her warm legs jolts her slightly. But she still refused to open her eyes.

"MooMoo Cow" he whispered. No reply from her, but he knew that she was awake anyways, even though her eyes were shut.

"I've made breakfast for you" he said chirpily. 

He has always been a morning person. Waking up early, heading straight to the kitchen to prepare a mug of coffee or cook up some breakfast somewhat perks him up. She, on the other hand, is a nocturnal creature. And though she automatically wakes up everyday at sunrise, she has no qualms on staying longer in bed. And especially more so when it is as cold as it was outside. And that is was a weekend, no reason to be awake early to rush to work or anything like that.

With one eye squinted open and the other eye still closed, she asked "What did you make Bubu Bear?"

With a big grin at the question (which he must have secretly hoped she asked - because there are some days when she doesn't), he took two minutes explaining to her how he made beef & mushroom stroganoff following a recipe at the back of that bag of fresh portabello mushroom.

When he finished explaining, both her eyes were closed, but she heard every word he said.

"Ok." she murmured. And mustered whatever little energy she has in her to lift her arm and pat his head. 

With a big, satisfied smile, he gave a big "tee-hee" laugh for the affirmation he has gotten today. He gave her a quick kissed on her forehead, jumped out of bed (again breaking that cocoon of warmth) and go about doing other morning chores.

She smiled to herself and tugged the blanket a little tighter and wonder how did she end up marrying this man-child six years ago.

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