Thursday, November 6, 2014

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The one thing I miss most about being in a foreign country is my family.

I have had been really really close to my family for as long as I can remember. Birthdays are only celebrated with them, not even close friends. I am also exceptionally close to my maternal cousins, and up to this time and age, we are still keeping in touch with each other and meeting up ever so often.

I "left them" and moved here, and there are times when I miss them so bad - even with modern technologies of communication. There's nothing like a meeting up for a good ol' chat over coffee. But on the other hand, I am also glad to have "gained" a new family here. The husband's uncle and aunt has been exceptionally hospitable, housing myself for the first two weeks I was here. Even until now, we drop by ever so often to their place on weekends - and aunties, being aunties - would cook up a tray of delicacies that I just love! Lo mai kai. Char keoy teow (charcoal mind you, so there's that 'wok' taste). Hong tau chou. Man chi keok. Kai fun. Laksa. Roti canai. Oh my, I think I have more Malaysian food here in Sydney than I did back in KL!

We had a great time celebrating her nephew's boy's 4th birthday (or was it 5th?). We had fun with water balloons and water guns - I tell you, the adults were more excited than the two kids!

Uncle and aunty has helped us alot in settling in. And I truly thank God for that.

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Goingkookies said...

ooooh... I know how you feel but lucky you to have such hospitable uncle and aunty in law!! Jelly!! Hehe, trying to be close with mine but it's hard :(

Hope your homesickness goes away soon and stays away a bit longer every single time. :)

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